Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Frequently Asked Questions, Now Answered

Sometimes knitters have questions about patterns.  Sometimes they ask, sometimes they don't and just try to muddle through without a clear understanding of what they are doing or why.

Here I will attempt to answer some of them!

1) In your charts are all the rows charted or is there a resting row?

It depends on the item and the chart, the system I use is :

If the numbers run 1,2,3 etc. then every row is charted.
If the numbers run 1,3,5 etc. then there is a resting row between, check the written instructions and chart key to see how to work the resting row.
If all the numbers are on the right hand side of the chart you are working in the round and should read every chart from right to left.
If the numbers alternate sides on the chart, you are working flat, odd number rows will be read from right to left and even number rows from left to right.

2) There are two cast on numbers for your sock pattern, which do I use?

Most of my sock patterns come with a choice of a "smaller" or a "larger circumference" in the leg and foot. Usually the smaller size will stretch to fit a 8.25 inch leg or foot and the larger size will stretch to fit a 9.25 inch leg and foot.  Your specific gauge will play into that though! When I offer more sizes I will update this to give specifics for them too. (Kids need socks sometimes!)

3) Why do you put the start of round in the middle of the foot in the gusset and toe shaping directions in most of your sock patterns?

I find that when I am knitting I prefer to put my decreases in the middle of my needle as I get less ladders.  You can start your needle(s) where-ever you want, start of round does not have to mean start of needle.  :)

4) How do I ask a question when I don't understand something?

On the bottom of the pattern is my email address, send me an email or contact me through PM on Ravelry.

5) Where can I get your patterns?

My patterns can be found : on Ravelry, Love Knitting, in Knotions and on Melody's Makings Blog.   With a mention on All Free Knitting as well!

6) Who are the people that you talk about on the blog?

TDQ - The Drama Queen, my eldest child and only daughter!  She makes jewelry and is (fortunately for me) the world's most accommodating knitwear model.  She models socks in sub-zero temperatures and heavy knit cowls and scarves when it is hotter than hot! But, she also steals my knitting beads and convinces me to knit dragons.

TFB - The First Brother/Boy, the elder of twin boys.  He is our resident weaver.  He will model and occasionally be the photographer but isn't thrilled with either prospect.

TOB - The Other Brother/Boy, by 55 minutes the youngest of my children.  He is the only one of the kids to take up knitting and has started his own collection of needles and stash.  He is certainly a process knitter as he has yet to keep any of his finished objects.  He will also occasionally model, but insists on being paid in yarn and patterns.

Me - Chief Yarn Wrangler, pattern writer and test knitter.  Single Mom of 3 Crafting Kids, not sure if I should be guarding my stash or sharing it! 

This page will be updated as more FAQ's come in! 


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